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About Outlaw Art

Outlaw Art Tattoo stands for professional tattoo artists who do their best every day to inspire people with their dedication and quality work. Each of our artists lives their own individual style – this makes all tattoos unique.

Because your tattoos stick with you forever, every artist takes the time to understand your story and to advise you professionally on your desired motive. Together, we’ll create a detailed design and don’t start tattooing until you’re 100% satisfied.

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We are happy to advise you on your desired motive.

The Studio

Outlaw Art Tattoo is not just a team, but a family connected by the passion for tattooing. We attach great importance to humanity and respect, so there is always an open and pleasant atmosphere in our studio.

In addition to artistic quality, we attach great importance to sterility and hygiene, so we work exclusively with high-quality equipment from German production. Our tattoo colors are vegan and regularly dermatologically tested.

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Outlaw Art Tattoo stands for professional artists who do their best every day to inspire people with their high-quality work. From finding a motif to the healed tattoo, we take time for you and support you in all matters.


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